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oval Make Up Brushes

A vegan, cruelty-free collection of ten oval makeup brushes complete with rose gold head, black handles & plush bristles.


Transforms your application tools into luxury! this set creates a airbrush finished look.  The full-sized set features every tool you’d need for a full-face look.


TBI silisponge

No more wasting expensive product. All needs of makeup application covered. With an airbrushed look and feel finish.

At the Beauty Inc we have a huge range of makup brushes, contact us to find out more.


Juliette Armand

The company boasts their own patented active ingredients, state of the art, independently owned building with fully equipped laboratory, bottling and manufacturing facilities.  With their own in house team of Doctors, Dermatologists, Chemists and Dermal therapists working together, to grow this innovative brand which is now widely known for its extensive laboratory research in the latest trends in skin technology, using pure ingredients. Also applying their personal values of effectiveness and safety in the products.


Mama mio

mama mio...

Mama Mio began as one of the very first brands dedicated entirely to pregnancy skincare. From the creation of our Tummy Rub Butter to our newest innovations discover our story...